Video about the suicide attempt live-Last viral-2018-Mother saves her daughter from committing suicide


APPEAL – Please do not do it
It's not funny
She was lucky that her mother listened to her crying or it could have been very serious.
Thanks to the one who is sitting above him to offer you another chance.

Do you consider yourself LUCKY !!!!!!!!



45 thoughts on “Video about the suicide attempt live-Last viral-2018-Mother saves her daughter from committing suicide”

  1. The man (dad): Do it Again if you want to…Like WTF she almost committed suicide IS NOT A fucking 'JOKE' or a time to play the sarcastic one..This is why teenager's kill themselves.

  2. When I was 3 years old, my dad always yelled at my mom no matter what she did. Being the little bean sprout I was, I didn't understand what was happening. I thought in my little brain that they were just messing around. When I grew up I starting noticing stuff happening all around me.(My mom and dad stoped fighting.)I started feeling sad and realizing why is the world cruel. After 5 years, I turned 8 years old. Third grade was hard for me. It was almost impossible for me to avoid bullies. A lot of people picked on me. I thought they were playing along, so I just stocked to it.(2 Years Later.) Fifth grade was hard. More and more people came and hanged out with bullies. I tried to stop them but they went with it. I got bullied more and needed help. My teacher took me to see a theripest. We talked about some stuff until it came to a conclusion. What she said changed my mind. I passed another year and went to the grade. My bully got expelled so that's good. I also forgot to mention I had a sister who is 6 years old now. Anytime I was sad, she found a way to cheer me up. She was kind to me. I loved her. I still keep thinking about vomiting suicide but I think of all the things j would miss. My mom, dad sister, sports, school, friends, and more. THE END…for now

  3. So many disgusting haters on this post! You dont know what this poor baby girl has went threw in order to make her feel as tho she no longer wants to live life anymore! You Coward bullys all should be in her shoes n then try n talk all big and bad to the one's who kick you down when your at your lowest! I spit on your graves you pig's

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