[VIDEO] Big Little Lies gets Season 2 of Season 2, trailer – HBO

Mark your calendars for a return trip to Monterey: HBO has (finally) announced that Big little lies Season 2 will be first on Sunday, June 9 at 9 / 8c.

In addition, the cable company released the first trailer of the highly anticipated return of the series – which you can watch above – featuring Meryl Streep as Mary Louise Wright, the mother of Celeste's late husband, Perry who has some tough questions to ask about the night. his son is dead. Interestingly, her questions are not asked to Nicole Kidman, Celeste, but to Reese Witherspoon, Madeline.

"I want to know what happened that night," she says. "I'm very tempted to ask you, but I … I do not think I'd have the truth, is it?"

In February, executive producer and writer David E. Kelley stated that "cracks and fractures begin to appear" in Monterey mothers' lives during season 2, and that "when crevasses begin to expand, they degenerate rather quickly.

Kelley added that "there was a lot of fertile ground for telling stories" in the second round of the drama. "We only wanted to do that if we had at least a chance to live up to the bar we set up in season 1," he said.

Press PLAY above to watch the entire season 2 trailer, then post a comment below with your hopes Big little lies"New episodes.

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