Video by Cop Punching Woman Goes Viral

The incident occurred in Wildwood, New Jersey. The agents said they were checking the alcohol consumption by the minors when a 20-year-old woman spat on them. Jeff Vaughn and Suzie Suh report.



  1. This little spoiled entitled brat thought that she can talk shit to the police kick them spit at them and they were going to be no consequences! that punch upside her head was a reality check watch your damn mouth and respect the police little girl.

  2. It's good in a way because it's equality between male and female. If it was man, the cop would probably have beat him up senseless. It's nice to know women are getting the same treatment.
    (Don't judge my gender after reading this; you don't know me)

  3. land of the free, home of the brave. Hahahahahahahahahahaha

  4. Where's the rest of the video where she actively resisted, then pushes the cop?

  5. They're luck that wasn't my daughter, those two clown's would've got a good ass whopping.

  6. Dude she was not even drinking

  7. This is so beautiful, heartening, and inspiring! My hands are riotously convulsing as I type this!

  8. Lets see if CNN exploits this the way they do when its a black person….

  9. Can buy a gun but can't drink a beer. This country is a joke.

  10. Yes, flail around and antagonise armed police, that should do it.

  11. Im so disappointed that mayor from that state is giving both police officers pass without pay but still the police officer does have rights to punch a woman in head they shouldn't handle the problem little differently i don't know how both police officers still have job from cause on camera the police department from that state need do little more training with all the police officer that next time they wont any conflicts im give you my honest opinion real talk

  12. That's no reason for him to repeatedly punch her in the face….

  13. Piece of shit cop used a choke hold on her after punching her when down. He must have felt threatened for his life.

  14. 20 year old. Able to go war but can't legally drink. Terrible.

  15. The punch of freedom ??????

  16. Good job guys!!! Thank you for keeping us safe

  17. Jersey princess should never spat at a cop. Nothing worse than a cop out of control. Girl next time try not to show off.

  18. I bet if she was black, it will be a race war

  19. Cops are so stupid. You know you are being recorded stop assaulting the people.

  20. It still doesnt give the cop to punch her in the head what the hell is wrong with him there is kids all around seeing that he should be fired thats just wrong.

  21. so you're a cop hand have nothing else to do and need to make your arrest quota this month.

  22. They people have no respect for Women

  23. this is news because its a white woman, this happens everyday for black men