Video of a woman who abuses the traffic staff in Sonipat becomes viral # al का हाइवोल्टेज ड्रामा


A woman who would be driving with traffic police here has become viral on the Internet. A high-voltage drama took place in the middle of a busy road near Geeta Bhawan Chowk on Wednesday, when a woman on a scooter was arrested by police for driving without a helmet. to be moved to the wrong side.
A woman from Sonipat district had a high voltage drama on the road. The woman stood next to the police in a fierce battle and the police presented themselves as a silent spectator. His video becomes very viral on the social video.
In fact, the traffic police invented this woman on the city's Geeta Bhawan Chowk. The woman got angry because she was cut off by the challan, so that she broke the fierce on the beach and told the police to be wrong.
According to a viral video, a woman has already mistreated the police and sometimes speaks of setting fire to her scooter. An angry woman also tried to offer scooties to police officers who were in front several times. This ruckus took nearly half an hour after the woman's mother reached the place and paid the police challan.
In this case, ASI Rajpal, on duty, stated that the woman had no documentary on the scooter and that the woman did not have a helmet. After which the woman was billed, but the woman did not want to pay the bill too. Because of what he did all this drama