[VIDEO] ‘Punky Brewster’ Reboot Trailer – Now with more from Freddie Prinze


Punky brewster Fans watched her grow up as a child, but the beloved ’80s sitcom ended before anyone could see her date, fall in love, and even marry. But if the new trailer for Peacock’s upcoming awakening (bowing February 25) is one indication, the Punky Powered adult version of Soleil Moon Frye will make up for lost time.

And although Punky works as a successful photographer and a newly divorced mother of soon to be four children – she decides to adopt a homeless Foster child named Izzy (Quinn Copeland) – her ex-husband, Travis (Freddie Prinze Jr.) , is always close. A seemingly good guy, loving co-parents Travis, Hannah, Diego (Noah Cottrell) and Daniel (Oliver deLos Santos) by his side despite the change in their relationship status.

If Punky and Travis make ending up together (even Izzy notes the residual sparks) it won’t be immediate. Their eldest, Hannah (Lauren Lindsey Donzis), urges Punky to have fun again instead of acting like a busy mother of three. Oh, sitcoms. Hannah even encourages her mom to consider a dating app and a firefighter catches her eye.

Punky also puts on mismatched Chucks like she did as a kid, hangs out with best friend Cherie (Cherie Johnson), and sets out to have more fun, ex-husband, kids, career and all.

Punky’s foster father Henry (George Gaynes) and Cherie’s grandmother Betty (Susie Garrett) are missing from this warm and fuzzy family equation and trailer. Gaynes died in 2016 and Garrett, whose younger sister is sitcom legend Marla Gibbs, died in 2002.

Check out the trailer above, then hit the comments with your hard-hitting judgments!

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