[VIDEO] 'SNL': Michael Keaton plays Julian Assange in Cold Open

Emma Stone returned to Studio 8H on Saturday for her fourth stint as Saturday Night Live host – and she Birdman Co-star Michael Keaton also made an appearance.

Keaton appeared on Saturday cold-aired as the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, who was arrested on Thursday for allegedly conspiring to hack a Pentagon computer. In the sketch, Keaton's Assange was one of the public figures to be thrown behind bars for recent crimes, joining When is the heart calling actress Lori Loughlin (played by Kate McKinnon) and former Stormy Daniels lawyer Michael Avenatti (played by Pete Davidson).

"I am the architect of anarchy, I am the king of chaos. I am the scourge of the cleaning staff of the Ecuadorian Embassy, ​​"boasted Keaton's Assange, referring to the location of Assange's seven-year asylum.

Assange then seized another inmate, played by Kyle Mooney, and threatened to divulge all his incriminating files, including "ding-dong photos" and embarrassing ideas for Shark Aquarium not. Needless to say, after Assange's soliloquy, he had convinced all the inmates in the prison cell that he was the craziest criminal ever.

Of course, McKinnon's Loughlin argued his case convincingly. "Do you think prison is difficult?" She asked the men in her cell. "I made 68 Hallmark movies. I saw hell, man. "

Watch a clip of SNLOpen cold below (the full video will be added as soon as it's available), then leave a comment with your thoughts!

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