[VIDEO] Trailer 'Pit / Verdon': Sam Rockwell, Michelle Williams, FX


Life is a cabaret? Well, it's a little more than that too, old man, if we judge by the FX trailer Pit / Verdon miniseries.

The complete trailer – which you can watch above – presents Sam Rockwell, Oscar winner, as legendary director / choreographer Bob Fosse, of Cabaret and Chicago celebrity, and Oscar nominated Michelle Williams as his wife / muse / collaborator Gwen Verdon. And it is clear from the beginning that Verdon was more than the better half of Pit; his creative input was in fact essential to make the best pit productions as big as they were.

But their partnership was not always easy: when Fosse invited Verdon to visit him on the set, she asked him: rails even as his career began. We see Pit direct Liza Minnelli in Cabaret… and to confess to Verdon that he fell in love with someone else.

"But that's what we do, is not it?", Remembers Fosse. "We take what hurts, and we turn it into a big gag." After all, the show must continue.

Press PLAY above to take a look at Pit / Verdon – will begin on Tuesday, April 9 – and then click on the following comments: will you reserve a place for the opening night?

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