Viral Beauty (5/10) CLIP Movie – Perez Hilton presents Marsha Day – Casey Killoran HD


In LA and on Amazon on October 19th!
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After posting an online ad, Marsha Day is put in the spotlight when Perez Hilton shares the video with his legion of fans. By becoming a viral success, Marsha is recruited by a talent executive who creates an online channel based on Marsha's life, shenanigans and beauty discoveries. But as Marsha gains notoriety and fortune, she is forced to struggle with her sense of identity in a world obsessed with celebrity. Things get more and more complicated when she is courted by a beautiful entrepreneur who questions her fairytale ideas. With real Youtubers and innovative ideas, Viral Beauty is not to be missed.

Music Sharkmuffin – "Quarter Machine"

Bad Mary – "hanging out"

Featuring Casey Killoran, Perez Hilton, Mark Junek, Ruibo Qian, Emma Willmann, Ben Mehl, SoundlyAwake (Nicola Foti), Raiden Quinn, Stella Rae, Michael Rizzi, Wallis Austin, Nicolay Sysyn, Dion Yorkie

Directed by David Tyson Lam
Written by: Elizabeth Lam

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