Viral Bhaidiyo – Manas Raj | Beest Production (official music video)

A video of Beest Production.

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Sabin Karki -Beest:
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* Instagram- sabin_beest
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Manas Raj:
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* Instagram- manasraj01

Featured: –
Dikshya Thakuri
Sabin Karki (Beest)
Happy Khatri
Sabrina Gurung (Flow)
Subham Bhujel
Shankar Dhungana (Kakku)
Xiring Theeng (A)

Direction / Concept / Choreography / Edit: Sabin Karki -Beest
Singer / Songwriter: Manas Raj
Director of Photography: Sanjay Karki (SonJ)
Music arranger: Uday Raj Poudel
Recordist: Shyam Bagdesh
Supervisor of the recording: Bhanu Bhakta Dhakal
Mixed by: Ashok Maharjan
Studio: Doremi

The production team responsible for making this video was composed of two people, Sabin Karki and Sanjay Karki.
Sabin Karki (aka Beest) is the director, choreographer, publisher and colorist of the video, while Sanjay Karki (SonJ) is the director of photography.
Special thanks to everyone involved.

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  1. Isn't our Dikshya nanu atti cute? ^^
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  2. Dikshya baby u r so cute and keep it up!

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    Heard this song when i went to Sikkim for Vacation,it is popular there

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