I have fever. But does that mean I'm sick?

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  1. Good… Learned a lot from your new style of vlogging… Keep going and get well soon…??

  2. Get a better set up, especially in Audio.

  3. keep posting that sort of candid blogs and eventually you'll be great at it and we'll also be able to connect with you in a better way.
    Get well soon.?☺

  4. Liked the whole idea Divyanshu Bhaiya about the new style of vlogs, but also want you to continue with the types of vlogs you used to do before. Lots of love♥️

  5. We'll always support you. ❤️

  6. 6:22, you look like a ghost. ? (Mazaak tha, seriously mat lena please. ?)

  7. You should not carry the baby when you have fever. ?

  8. Get a better mic. Best of Luck!

  9. Dahi khane se thanda lgta h ..itna dahi khaoge to brf bn jaoge …bukhar m bhi koi kaise itna bol skta h …get well soon and take care .?

  10. No one is perfect divyanshu.. practice surely makes them perfect… Do continue the vlog.. happy to see the actual person rather than an edited talk.. ? and get well soon ?

  11. Your lighting in your office is too dim for the camera and also for the eyes, I think you should upgrade it

  12. Hey I love your hair-cut…i want to have a haircut like you