(Viral) M3sum AC Profile Interim professional high school students often stay at the Jembrana Sktran Hotel, this 2 minute video:


JEMBRANA MEMBARA: The circulation of ugly videos featuring students and high school students in Jembrana makes Jembrana and Bali general problems.

This nasty video that would have been made by two students in Jembrana began circulating in recent days via the Whatsapp (WA) application.

The vicious video was recorded with a mobile phone in a room at one of the hotels in the Delodberawah area.

While the actor was suspected of being a vocational education student who was the ex-girlfriend of the student.

The Jembrana Regional Police are currently investigating the video, which has made the audience uncomfortable and the plan will be released tomorrow.
There are three parts of a nasty video that show all scenes of relationships between husband and wife lasting about 20 minutes.

The nasty video was recorded with a mobile phone in a room at one of the hotels in the Delodberawah area. The perpetrator is suspected of being a Class XI student at one of Jembrana's vocational schools.

In the video, the student looks well coiffed and wears a string of amulets attached to her belly and a necklace of black thread with a blue bark resembling kepeng money.

While men are also suspected of being vocational training students who are the girlfriend of the student. In this perverted scene, the face of a woman is clearly visible, while the male is invisible.

The indecent video itself is in the hands of the police.

"Yes, it could be, only at that time we were not able to find more information because it is still in demand. Tomorrow we will explain," he continued.

Until now, the police claimed that they had not received reports from the victims in the video.

"There has been no report, we are still investigating the information we receive from the public," he admitted.

He informed that the video was cut in three parts and lasted 1 minute.