Viral Penampakan Kuntilanak at Warung Makan Kawasan Puncak.


The appearance of kuntilanak on video once again elicits cyberspace. This frightening incident was experienced by a family on vacation in the Puncak area of ​​Bogor, West Java.

In a video uploaded by the Anggih Drift Vfighter Facebook page, a girl enjoyed a piece of grilled corn with her mother. The angled video is then directed to a boy who plays cool while pushing the exchange rate on the edge of the dining table.

Given the technique of filming, the video downloader wants to actually record the atmosphere of the place to eat while capturing moments of conviviality with the family. However, when the camera dipped into a table on the right side, it was clear that a long-haired woman was sitting without hesitation.
"There was an apparition when my child ate corn.The location of Mega Mendung Puncak … The property of Fiona Zun Kanaya," Anggih wrote in a photo statement.

Seen with attention, the appearance of the creature actually looks like one of the most popular ghosts in Indonesia that we know as "Mrs. K" or MBA Kuntilanak. He was wearing a white shirt and his face was pale.

The presence of these spirits was also felt by other visitors. A woman who was right in front of the creature was seen turning around as if she felt that something was strange.

Until this news is revealed, the video was distributed to 7,123 times and received hundreds of comments from internet users.

"They are people who eat but do not have money," wrote a user.

"Original, the problem is not shaded," writes Dika Minority account.

Few netizens said that the figure of the woman was a guardian "assigned" to attract potential buyers.

"Most East Java residents use pocong, one in the other kitchen in front of the booth attracts potential buyers," says Hilal Nyambek account.

"Is it possible that the penglarisnya or the place of waiting there.The problem is that the spirits seen by humans are bad for the spirits," writes the report of Niyhna Chairunnisa.