Viral registration plates change automatically to avoid differences, this is what the police say


TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – Video license plate numbers that automatically change on social media.

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In the outstanding video, the white car plate can rotate and the license plate changes.

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Initially, the white car bore the number B 2049 TZH, but then she turned and changed the license plate B 2726 SKC.

The auto-change car plate would be used to avoid odd policies.

In launching, Metro Jaya Regional Police Director Kombes Yusuf said he obtained information on changeable license plates.

"We have also coordinated with the officials, if there is such falsification, please let us stop.We are watching again.There is information in Palmerah, Slipi.

According to Joseph, it was the first time that he found such a plate.

Until now, it was said that he had not found a car on which a license plate could turn and change.

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