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  1. Awesome video ????????❤️❤️❤️

  2. Is the protein coat called a capsid

  3. This is a great explanation. This is the first time I've seen this explained in a way that is clear and concise.


  5. Great video! However, I think it should be clearly stated the that lysogenic cycle and the creation of prophages is something distinctive to bacteriophages (as far as I understand). I ran into this misunderstanding when I first came across this topic and thought that eukaryotic cell viruses could use the lysogenic cycle to create prophages. I would have continued assuming that after this video. If I'm still mis-conceptualizing this, someone please correct me!

  6. 0:50 how do they "trick the cells" I don't understand

  7. really helpful and easy to understand ?

  8. Firstly, thank you for the video – very informative.

    My only feedback is if you can please stop saying "Soooo…" .. Its just very distracting, and if you could possibly clear up the writing as its a bit messy.. I'm just being nit picky but some what expected more from such a large organization like KhanAcademy (that being said it is free education so I can't exactly complain!)

  9. not all the points r clearly explain

  10. Why I pay much more 1500 dollar to my shiit university every year if Khan academy is exist

  11. I'm pretty sure, since this is bacteria, it is definitely a prophage!

  12. So simple and useless. Until you teach for USMLE, you're just meaningless noise. I don't think you have the chops to do this right.

  13. thank you for the video.  simple explanation

  14. much better teacher than that idiot nesbitt

  15. you are the best source for understanding stuff….thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  16. Thank you ! You really help me 🙂

  17. This video just saved my life…..thank you

  18. You used terms that made this so much easier to understand. Thank you so much for putting this process in simple terms!

  19. So awesome! Great video, thank you very much 🙂

  20. Thank u so much!i have a test tomorrow and i had no idea how lysogenic cycle work…but now I completely understand it

  21. Great video. I was learning about Bacterial Phages today and stumbled on it.

    The Virus integrates into the DNA after activating.

  23. That's actually a great video. I have a test tomorrow and I'm totally going to nail whatever's related to viral infections. THANKS

  24. Wow! Really helpful video. Cleared up confusion between the cycles.