Viral! SPG VIVO SPG Berantem Tarik-Tarik Hijab


HAGEUY VIDEO – A variety of smartphone brands are easily found in Indonesia. Starting from the exorbitant price to affordable widely distributed on the Indonesian market of mobile telephony. Among the many, Vivo brand phones and Oppo very popular people.

Look at it, Vivo and Oppo smartphones are still present in almost all mobile phone jacks. The tight competition means that the employees of these two companies have to rack their brains to promote their respective goods. It is not uncommon that the marketing of these two mobile phone products is insulting, which has led to quarrels.

War of promotion between Vivo and Oppo marketing is one of them recorded in the viral video downloaded Instagram account owner @yuni_rusmini, Friday (22/06/2018). Initially, the sales promotion (SPG) two brands of mobile phones are two promotions by mutually knocking each other's products in a supermarket. War of words that heats up to fight.

Some supermarkets are trying to break the fight between the two GSPs. Both SPGs are pushed against each other and excite emotions. In fact, one of the SPG shot the hijab of his opponent until he was released because of the emotion.

Warganet who sees the viral video of the incident instantly provides various comments. There are those who say that the fight did not happen between SPG Vivo and Oppo. Therefore, the clothes that they wear do not show this identity. That's how they came out of Vivo and Oppo's stores.