(VIRAL) The scandal of students from the Jembrana vocational school


The diffusion of unpleasant videos involving Jembrana students and students makes Jembrana and Bali general eruptions.

This nasty video that would have been made by two students in Jembrana began circulating in recent days via the Whatsapp (WA) application.

The vicious video was recorded with a mobile phone in a room at one of the hotels in the Delodberawah area.

The perpetrator was allegedly a pupil of one of the Jembrana vocational schools.

While the actor was suspected of being a vocational education student who was the ex-girlfriend of the student.

The Jembrana Regional Police is currently investigating the video, which has made the audience uncomfortable. Its release is scheduled for Monday (3/9/2018).

In this perverted scene, the face of a woman is clearly visible, while the male is invisible.

The Criminal Investigation Unit of the Jembrana Police, AKP Yusak Sooai, after confirmation by tribun-bali.com, confirmed it this afternoon.

His party felt that this case had disturbed the residents and that while an investigation had been conducted.