Viral toddler videos left to play with cobra snakes without attacking Even if they were beaten

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – Video of a child playing with King Cobra viral on social networks.

The video was shared with the Instagram @ smart.gram account in August.

But the video went viral after being uploaded by Facebook Yuni Rusmini, Monday (17/09/2018).

In a video that was circulating, we saw that a cobra was out to play with the pelophead.

The toddler was left alone with the cobra.

In fact, he seems to be able to calm down and play with King Cobra's reshuffle, which usually has an aggressive character.

In fact, despite the fact that he was repeatedly detained and beaten by the boy, the snake did not seem to attack.

The Cobra snakes just seemed to be scared and avoid the boy.

We do not know exactly where the viral video was taken.

But from the sound recorded in the video, there was a mix of Sundanese and Indonesian languages.

Until this news is made, the video has been played thousands of times by Facebook users.

Watch the video above ( Wahyu Yulianto).