Viral video allegedly inflicted on police in Bangka


HAGEUY VIDEO – In the afternoon of Thursday (07/12/2018), several WA groups from Bangka Belitung Province were shocked by the actions of a man suspected of being arrested. to be kicked at the police against a woman and a small child.

The problem is not yet known, but it is suspected that the incident was due to a robbery in a supermarket in the city of Pangkalpinang.

"If this is true, the device is really arrogant," commented an inhabitant of the WA group.

Various responses and discussions were raised by residents of the WA group and asked leaders to take action against the female police officers in Bangka.

In response to this question, the regional police chief, Brigadier General Syaiful Zachri, confirmed that as chief he had confirmed that he would take action if the man in question was a police officer.

Police General Syaiful Zachri only briefly responded to the question of whether he had received the incident report
"The propam is already handled," said Brigadier General Syaiful Zachri

In the video, a 30-second woman persecuting the police who broadcast her was considered a suspect, the police officer of Bangka Belitung, at the mid-level, held the collar of a boy's clothes with his left hand. .

Meanwhile, a mother and a young woman seem to kneel from time to time to ask for forgiveness.

The man appeared wearing an orange shirt with POLICE writing several times by hitting the boy using his right hand without removing the handle on the child's shoulder.

It was also seen that he could kick the mother and hit with a sandal to have a head.

Bangka Belitung Police's public relations chief, Abdul Mun & im, said he was in favor of the police victim kicking the police.

"Just point me out as a human being who does not accept that," said Abdul Mun Abdul Mun & Im.

Until the news of the police in Bangka was revealed, the media team continued to try to confirm the person who kicked the police quoted in the video. .