Viral Video Bathing Money Men who promise will be dismissed


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The video of a man who plunges money into the viral bathub medium in social media. The money for the bath was a lot, red again.
detikcom monitor on various social media Sunday (3/6/2018), the duration of this video minute already exists on Twitter, Facebook, up to YouTube.

Not yet known who the man who bathed this money. He was talking hands in the shower, while another was throwing money into the bather.
Here are the words of this bearded man with a beard while taking a bath of money:
Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
thank you allah in this holy month of Ramadan, in the year 2018, alhamdulillah, I am new this time in my life just see the money as much. All this is on your gift and your provision, on your mercy O Allah. And all that I will share with the poor, dhuafa, widows and needy, and I will build pesantren, musala and madrasa.
Come. Today I am … I am not … I … I … I want to cry because I have never seen so much money. I never really see a lot of money.
This morning there is a lot of sustenance to invest in building madrassas, mosques, musala, widows, the poor, ibn sabil, and other dhuafa.

On Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, this video has been around since at least May 26, 2018. This video is distributed by many accounts.



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