Viral video Da's wah in the nightclub, Gus Miftah revealed the facts and the reasons

Lately, there have been many discussions about a researcher visiting a nightclub in Bali.
He is Gus Miftah.
The video, when he was in the nightclub, has now gone viral on social media, most notably Instagram.
It appears in the video that Gus Miftah invited several women to pray.

Some women seemed to be dressed openly.
They met in a room big enough.

Moments later, a number of women also sang.
Inevitably, video has become a warm conversation for the Netter recently.
The debate on the attendance of nightclubs is even inevitable.
The video was posted to his Instagram account on Thursday (6/9/2018) yesterday.
"The world and its contents were created, because of Nur Muhammad, if you want to get the world, it's a lot to pray Sayyidina Muhammad to them, but please pray for them", wrote Gus Miftah in the description of his post.
After a few days, the video was viral, Gus Miftah also gave an explanation about the video.
Gus Miftah plainly explained the model of dakwah that he did.
The explanation was conveyed when Cinta Penelope asked Gus Miftah.
The video of questions and answers has been uploaded to the Youtube channel "Da & wah in Love".
In addition, the video has also been posted to Cinta Penelope's Instagram account @princess_cinta_penelope.
In the question-and-answer session, Gus Miftah claimed to have preached in a place like a nightclub for decades.
"In a 14-year-old cafe, including a beauty salon in Jogja," he said.

He also explained that he had only the intention to invite people to be better.
"We call a person who is not good, called to be good," he said.
Gus Miftah asserted that all this time, his mission in a place like the nightclub posed no problem.
He also called da & wah not only for the right people but also for people who are not good.
He added that as long as he preached in the nightclub, he had never drunk alcohol.
"Never pay attention to alcohol, do not smoke," he said.

Meanwhile, quoted by the page, Gus Miftah is the guardian of the Ora Aji, Tundan, Purwomatani, Kalasan, Sleman, DIY boarding school.

The students, Gus Miftah, called Abah.
Referring to a Kompasiana article published in 2016, Gus Miftah is a Javanese man who grew up in Lampung.
A different atmosphere will be observed when reciting at the Ora Aji Islamic School, due to the presence of guest stars from leading figures, scholars and local artists and from other local artists. prominent Indonesian artists.
"Yes, at the cottage, we regularly organize a pilgrimage every Saturday night," said Agus, one of the students at the Lampung Ora Aji Islamic Boarding School.
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