Viral video demo before the Constitutional Court until it rains, the national police revealed the truth


TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – Clarifications from the Indonesian National Police regarding the video of the Constitutional Court being demonstrated.

This can be seen from the official download of the Public Relations Division of the National Police, @DivHumas_Polri, Saturday 15/09/2018.

Previously, there were demonstrations in the Constitutional Court and there were riots.

Public relations police confirmed that the video was a hoax.

"There have been videos posted on social networks about the protest that took place in the Constitutional Court, which is not true / HOAX," wrote the account @DivHumas_Polri.

In the end, the demonstration was the simulation of implementation of Brata Steady Ops to face the next elections.

"The real event is the simulation of the implementation of the Brata Steady operations carried out by the national police to face the successful and safe 2019 elections," he said.

It is known that the police organized a simulation simulation before the election of 2019 on Jalan Merdeka Barat, in central Jakarta, Friday, 14/09/2018.

There were mass protesters in the Constitutional Court, some were members of the police.

"The simulation has a trial, this mass does not agree to wait for the results of the trial, after the trial results have been decided not to finally receive it, it has increased, we give all the troops there ", says Argo Yuwono, chief of public relations of Metro Jaya police.

Watch the video above! (Tribun Video / Aprilia Saraswati)