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Viral video

So, how can you get your video uploaded to youtube, and how can your video become viral? This video is all about, Today, I am going to talk to you about 4 work strategies that no one will ever tell you for free, I started my new channel and your support is really important, so if you like today 's video, subscribe to it and press the bell icon
Now, let's start how you can make your viral video so apply all these strategies and watch it until the end and I swear no one will tell you that. If you can not find my video on YouTube, you can abuse me completely in the comments below and have given my mail in the description so that you can ask me anything about it freely. If you do not understand my words, you can read them in the Discription section.
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So now, let's start
Apply all these strategies step by step and I will tell you that you will have to create great content so that only bait Click now does not work on youtube
Step 1.
First of all, when you download the video, you write the description and you use keywords that indicate that all the others do it, how can that help me?

You have to go on the subject on YouTube regardless of the video you make and watch the best videos that have attracted a lot of views.
Now you open the video and click the Share button and download this app from the Play Store which is HTML Viewer, already given the link in the description, whether you use Android Mobile or use buddy tube or any other software on the desktop
Now you have to choose their keywords and copy and paste them into your own video .. Only the well searched keywords you need to copy and you have to choose it from the three videos and you have to choose at least 15 keywords and use both times and three times in the description.

2. Now, let's play youtube allogrithim and now I'm going to tell you one thing that never tells anyone to make pennies to watch or watch to watch because it's going to spoil all your effort. Suppose you watch a video for 3 minutes and, in return, your video is not rated and your video is not rated at all, avoid this thing. Your closest friends Family members or you can have your 5 to 6 accounts and you will subscribe to your channel and I will tell you that you do not send them any link instead of saying them to watch them. After this goonaa see the magic stuff you can check your youtube video ranking anywhere in the world using this link

And you can also find it by searching for it and seeing your video floating on the 5 to 7 most important videos, we must bet that we fully view our videos so that our average retention reaches 99%.

Step 3 ..
Tell them to get engaged to your video and tell them to comment and love your video.

You must respond to all comments and love them
What comments will improve your video rankings and it will be shown in the videos suggested by youtube because youtube allogrithim remarks that this video is something really special that people are engaged.

Step 4 ..
Now, I'll tell you that your video will only be viral if you get a higher audience retention than other videos and no matter if you're a big or a small, you can see lots of small channels having viral videos,
The only thing that counts for youtube allogrithim is how much your viewers are watching ..

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