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The viral video is a false story about Boeing 737 caught in a typhoon.

* Dragon Air hit by typhoon in China ShenZhen
* Viral video is a false story

More than 1 people have seen this video on social media, thousands have shared and commented on this video. The video of a commercial airliner supposedly performing aerobatics at very low altitude has become viral, worldwide.
A Facebook page – Times News International – with more than 2,000 fans, posted this video on September 13th. She claimed that a Dragon Air plane hit by a typhoon in Shenzhen had managed to land safely. The India India Fact Check team has found that this video is false and the description misleading. The plane that we know to catch in the typhoon and which turns and sways dangerously is in fact an animated visual made for pleasure.

In addition to the Facebook page, this video also surfaced on YouTube and was viewed by more than 25,000 people.
Many people who thought this video was true expressed their anguish on Twitter.

The 44-second shared video has two parts. The first part of the black and white video shows a civil airline flying dangerously in the air at very low altitude just before landing. The second part of the video is colorful and shows the evacuees on the tarmac after an emergency landing.
Seeking the images of "Dragon air hit by typhoon" on YouTube, we came across the YouTube channel MeniThings who posted this video on June 14, 2017. MeniThings is a multimedia production company known for its videos with visual effects and images generated by computer (CGI).

Not only is the video wrong, but the following description given in the video is also confusing. The description as well as the viral video say: "Dragon Air hit the typhoon in China in Shenzhen but managed to land safely.Beijing Capital Airlines confirmed the accident, total 166 passengers and 9 members of 39, crew on board.After landing at the Shenzhen Airport, an emergency evacuation was initiated, five of the passengers were slightly injured (probably during the evacuation of the aircraft). 39; emergency).

The eyebrows were raised because the caption indicates that the device concerned belongs to Dragon Air while the confirmation of the incident was issued by Beijing Capital Airlines, a totally different airline.
Dragon Air is the former name of an international airline based in Hong Kong, now called Cathay Dragon. While Beijing Capital Airlines is a cheap Chinese airline. It is based in Beijing and is a subsidiary of Hainan Airlines.
On August 28, an Airbus A320 (B-6952) from Beijing Capital Airlines suffered severe damage to the nose gear and left engine during a hard landing at Macao Airport. But this accident has nothing to do with the typhoon.
In the first half of the viral video from MeniThings, the Air Canada Jetz Boeing 737 logo is visible on the tail of the cascading aircraft. But during the emergency landing, the plane passes to the Airbus A 320 from Beijing Capital Airlines.