Viral video King Sengon Origin Banyuwangi called a lot of money, it turns out just a thumbs up


Report of journalist Surya, Haorrahman

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM, BANYUWANGI – Video of viral king Sengon in social media was just a joke.

The person in the video is Wahyu Widodo, a resident of Muncar, Banyuwangi.

He also gave an explanation about viral videos on YouTube lately.

"What I say in the video is not true, it's just a matter of humor, for the WhatsApp group," Wahyu said at a meeting Monday (07 / 02/2019).

Revelation said, all the content of the video that called him sent money up to 16 containers and other content in the video is just a hoax.

"It's a hoax, I'm joking with friends, I do not think I can be viral like that," Beber Wahyu.

The revelation says that the 1.36 minute video was made about three months ago.

The video was then uploaded to Whatsapp Group where he was there.

"The video is just to entertain the band members, there is no other purpose," Revelation said.

About three days ago, Wahyu was shocked because the video went viral and spread on social media.

"I do not know who uploads to YouTube and other social media, I just want to be deleted, I'm uncomfortable," he said.

As a result of the video, Wahyu admitted to having hesitated with his wife and son.

The 50-year-old man is indeed a sengon wood business man.

He has been the pioneer of the business for decades.

Once again, Wahyu claimed that what is in the video is only a hoax.

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