Viral video! Mass Trance The 73rd Anniversary flag of the Republic of Indonesia, Black Shadow flag declining ceremony recorded by the camera!


TRIBUNJAMBI.COM – Internet users were shocked by the event of a mass trance event that dropped the 73rd anniversary flag of Indonesia to Kamaru / Bau-Bau.

This news is distributed by the Instagram account of NDOROBEII

In the video posted, Paskibra's agents tried to continue to perform their duties.

But the screams were crowded and many participants in the ceremony fled.

VCRs also seem to encourage Paskibra's agents to stay focused on their tasks.

But in the middle of recording a video, an officer Paskibra was heard screaming as he was about to be possessed.

His mouth continued to tighten with a trembling body.

Mass trance event to reduce Indonesia's 73rd birthday flag to Kamaru / Bau-Bau

# appearance of the last slide of the black shadow

Netter was busy commenting on the post. Until now, no other information has been communicated to related parties.

Following the comments of several Internet users who managed to summarize the courts of the site

Bundanovitta: goose bumps

ninditaputri0: No more a black shadow. But there are creatures who follow the ceremony

efrinko: The second slide is clearly visible

nugrohonatha: If such mass possessions should dissolve the line of dlu, seek protection and help the possessed, the intention is good but do not put yourself in danger so that their struggle is not in vain …



29 thoughts on “Viral video! Mass Trance The 73rd Anniversary flag of the Republic of Indonesia, Black Shadow flag declining ceremony recorded by the camera!”

  1. Mahkhluk gaib pun ikut menghormati bendera merah putih,, menghargai perjuangan para pahlawan,, makhluk gaib aja menghormati masa rakyat indonesia malas mengikuti upacara bendera.
    Salam dari pemuda kalimantan timur

  2. Waktu itu disebut "Tanduk setan" maka dr itu kenapa ada larangan tutup pintu rumah2 kalian di waktu maghrib dn jgn biarkan anak2 keluar rumah hingga matahari benar2 tenggelam. Subhanallah

  3. Wong gendeng? Ngapa wong gendeng pda lari"n dan baris dah maghrib gk sholat. Maghrib setan pda keluyuran bsa di omong sandakala lmn wong imane kuat bakal sholat lah itu orang iman nya gk kuat jdi pas mau maghrib atau dah maghrib mengabaikan sandakala jdi ya setan atau apalah bikin orang kerasukan itu nma nya jin apa setan atau iblis jdi seneng

  4. Ko bisanya acara penurunan bendera waktu menjelang magrib harusnya jam 5 udh selesai acaranya.
    Kalau magrib itu waktunya para mahluk gaib berkeliaran jdi wajar aja di rasukin mahluk tak kasat mata.

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