Viral video of a member of the Serobot police accessing the list of citizens, Dirlantas


TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – Video of a police officer accessing viral viral rights on social networks.

The video is uploaded to the Zenrin Zen Facebook account on Sunday (02/09/2018).

The video shows motorists stopping in front of the Senayan ATM (GTO).

The driver makes the hatch to enter the toll road.

However, on the left side, a policeman stopped in front of the car.

After the driver has tapped the door, the toll gate opens.

However, the police who stopped in front of the car passed.

When the driver is about to drive, the toll booth is closed again.

The video caught the attention of the citizens, until this information was revealed that the video was viewed 43,000 times and distributed 1,3 thousand times.

In the chronicle of Zenrin Zen's report, the Jakarta Metro Police apologized for this incident.

On Tuesday (4/9/2018), the police chief of Metro Jaya (Dirlantas) Police, Kombes Yusuf, lamented the actions of the police.

Yusuf said that although he had special access to the toll road, the police should not take access to the toll road.

"What is clear is that members who use official motorcycles, including official cars, have special access (toll roads) and that does not pay." "We have access," Yusuf said. quoted by

Yusuf explained that the special access was in the form of a card that could be affixed to be able to enter the toll road for free.

However, he should not access the citizens, but wait for the car to pass.

"After the car passed, he just went straight to open the right of access," he said.

Check out the full video above! ( Widiastuti)