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  1. I have worked at an ER as a doc for over 25 years. When I was younger, I used to try to "shame" drug seekers. Now I just say no. When pressed, I advise them my licensing board prohibits me from prescribing narcs to ppl I suspect who are abusing drugs. Less really is more when dealing with these folks.

  2. I’m interested in your take on the Donald Bardwell video. But I agree this is a mess we created.
    At the same time I was at the wrong end of this pattern recognition behavior. I passed out in the stairwell at my dorm and wound up in an emergency room. The staff assumed I was a drug seeking college student and proceeded to treat me as such. I’ve NEVER taken an illicit substance a day in my life. What was actually happening was I had severe hypokalemia and was blacking out due to abnormal heart rhythms. But of course they tested me for drugs and discharged me before finding out what my problem was

  3. As a chronic pain patient myself (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and ALL the wonderful co-morbidities), I've been in THAT patients shoes in the video. Texas has horrible health care! In March I went to an ER with gastric pain. The nurses were AWESOME, but the doctor, not so much. He asked for a urine sample while he was supposedly getting a GI consult. I never got that consult. Instead, my urine was tested for drugs and pregnancy. My record clearly states I had a hysterectomy, AND he even asked. I was discharged. I asked why and the doctor told me that they couldn't help me there. (I take Norco 2x day for pain) I started taking off the blood pressure cuff and telling him that he hadn't done ANYTHING to find out what was wrong, and he had the nerve to ask me, "What do you EXPECT me to do?"
    My reply was simply "your job". He refused imaging, saying they don't perform imaging in the ER. He refused a physical exam… NEVER laid a finger on me. THEN I got a bill from the company who holds his contract! Almost $1,000!!!! For services HE refused to provide!! I was in tears when the nurse came in to take the useless IV cath out, that never got used. She looked like she wanted to cry with me. It wasn't until I got in the car with my mom that it dawned on me that I was at the same ER that tried to kill me in 2012, one week after having anterior lumbar fusion at the same hospital. I had developed DVT in my left leg and was told by an ER doc to stop crying and go home. I ended up back 2 days later, with another ER doc and the vascular surgeon who assisted in the surgery, telling me I was being too loud with my crying, suck it up, go home, and walk like I was told to do. I got lucky that an attending physician from upstairs had come down to go to his car and passed my cubby. I was admitted immediately with the most severe DVT the hospital and my new vascular surgeon had ever seen. (May-Thurner Syndrome is the culprit)

  4. We are healthcare professionals! We must carry ourselves as such! Step outside or into the break room if you need to vent or curse about a patient! My patients should never know if I’m judging them or angry with them! It does happen from time to time, but I bite my tongue in front of the patient and complain to my coworkers! It’s kept me out of court this far! Knock on wood!

  5. I'm sorry my gay friend you are all over the place it's not enough to play righteous gay guy but you see threw everything Donald trump games. I commend you on trying to be right lol you failed.

  6. Fuck him. The asshole didn't even try to lift himself up to help her diagnose him. He pulled his arm away from her and didn't even try. Fuck Him.. She doesn't like her job cause she deals with assholes all day.  People like her are every where..

  7. I am a nurse, and I have seen other nurses treat patients, and each other like this. Regardless of her opinions, we are trained medical professionals. We are taught to treat the symptoms and the patient regardless of the issue. A preceptor of mine from years ago, God rest her soul, always said "even if the patient is a pain seeker, then that is a mental health issue, and I still need to treat his symptoms, and treat the patient with respect." Unfortunately, many medical professionals forget to treat humans like humans, or treat others the way they want to be treated. I firmly believe in treating all people like my family, this way I know they are always getting the best care I can give, whether I am having a bad day or not.

  8. I FINALLY catch up with ZdogMd and I want to cry… THIS is why I lost faith in the medical industry; mind you im having untreated POTS symptoms (tachy at 150bpm )and they are saying stuff like this; YES all i want is damn salt-water pumped into my veins (their IS evidence that this works for POTS), now I dont want to go to another doctor… I dont care what happens to me… Ive had this happen to me too many times… I watch this show to remind myself you guys are only human… but…. THIS is what I had to face…

  9. The fact of the matter is that tons of ppl everyday lay siege to our ERs requesting everything from drugs to all kinds of care while acting derogatory and violently. Dealing with this day in and day out takes it toll on us as healthcare workers. It’s time to hold patients accountable for their actions not hospital staff!

  10. People tend to judge people through dispositional attribution rather than situational. If we could change the way of our thinking. There wouldn’t be situations like this.

  11. I have worked with her before and can say she is a legit high quality emergency room physician. I’m not sure what happened prior to the video that made either party act the way they did but I know my experience with her. I wish the best for her and hope both parties find peace.

  12. Hmm I’ve experienced something similar I have hyperthyroidism and sometimes Italy’s my potassium get really low and I get somewhat paralyzed. One time it happened and I crawled literally belly crawled to my car n drove myself to the ER n when I got there I couldn’t get out of my car so I called 911, when I got into the er after someone came and got me one of the nurses was trying to get me from the wheelchair to the bed, when I told him I couldn’t get up he was like didn’t you drive yourself to the er? Smh finally after they ran tests my potassium came back at like 2.1 or something and then all of a sudden he finally believed I was in pain and couldn’t move and I got morphine lol

  13. While I was working at a rehab facility, I've worked with senior nurses who treated drug seeking patients the same way. I was told that I am a new nurse and so I showed more compassion and sympathy for those patients. They commented that my sympathy will eventually become jaded with annoyance as I encounter more patients like this.

  14. Not an ER nurse, but I've been there. I can usually recognize when I'm acting out of line, but some days that's not enough to stop me from acting unprofessionally. I don't think her approach is appropriate, but I've done similar in my practice so I can't immediately condemn her, either.

    ETA: I hadn't watched the whole video before posting. I would never curse at a patient. I rarely curse at all, honestly and it doesn't come natural. I've been stressed and overwhelmed and taken that out on difficult patients who are trying to argue back to me, but that is definitely unacceptable.

  15. I'm so sick of doctors like this. I've dragged myself from hospital to hospital trying not to die, while they label me drug seeking. I'm having surgery in a few days to remove a GIANT MASS pressing on my facial and vital nerves, and my carotid artery. I'm so sick of it.

  16. I mean, I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder and sometimes it can feel like you can't breathe and so on. But this guy was way too calm.

  17. Drug addict or not. Having to look at that face is cruel and unusual punishment. Guys get called assholes. Being called a smelly asshole is worse but guys are less sensitive to insults.

  18. No, racism. I feel bad for her. She was unprofessional, it could have been handled better. I work in corrections, drug seeking and manipulation is 75% of what I deal with. It is exhausting! I was to get to those who need help, but in my field I say, "stupid comes first".

  19. I work in an inner city (social work emergency psychiatric services)very busy ED with a lot going on every night and i have NEVER seen a doctor or nurse engage with a pt. like this (I get snapping and I do understand it could happen to anyone we all have bad moments) though this seems highly unprofessional to me….last night had three Pt's waiting for TDO (involuntary psych hold) to come through screaming and just causing chaos and on top of that the seekers of narcotics etc. and pt's needing other vital emergency care and yes they (staff MD's, nurses et. al) were stressed, harassed and dealing with a usual and very difficult shift but they were all still about patient care and professionalism and only showed the strain when off the floor

  20. Not at all racist, but definitely unprofessional. Should have removed herself from the room before she became sarcastic. I have to catch myself all the time in similar situations and just take a breath. I definitely empathize with the doc and can more than understand where she's coming from, but, especially from a physician, more professionalism was needed. Couldve been handled better.

  21. We need the full video in order to pass judgment like Zdogg MD said. We don't know what happened prior to this video. I personally do not think (based on what was showed) that she was being racist in this video. Could she have been more professional? Absolutely!

  22. If California had narcotic laws like New York, this wouldn't even be a situation. Physicians are limited to how much narcotics they are allowed to prescribe a patient. There are documents which accompany every discharge . They expect specialists caring for a patient to do the ordering for their patient requiring narcotic pain relief and to follow up with them. Usually an E.D. physician will administer a one time dose of a narcotic by mouth or by injection if it is a a well documented pain/ diagnosis which is being followed by another physician. Patients are told to follow up with their physician/ surgeon who is handling their condition and pain.

    I believe that that the ED physician suffers from compassion fatigue. Working in healthcare requires often working short staffed , overtime, and extra shifts. How many times do we not even have time or adequate staff coverage to eat or take a break. We deal with physical, intellectual, and emotional stress along with all of this. Healthcare is not always an optimal career for self care. We need to learn to say "no" sometimes , and insist on days off and vacation.
    I went to a recent Bivona Summit where I attended several seminars given by Françoise Mathieu m.Ed., CCC., R P, who is an awesome crisis counselor, psychotherapist and specialist in compassion fatigue and high stress workplaces. She is also Co-Executive Director of TEND Academy and has over 20 years of experience in Canada and the the U.S., , training and helping professionals in health care, child welfare, the criminal justice sector, social and human services, emergency response, armed forces, education, addiction treatment, and the Immigration and refugee Board. She wrote The Compassion Fatigue Workbook: Creative Tools for Transforming Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Traumatization. She has also given a TED Talk The Edge of Compassion TedxQueensU. She speaks of everyone's window of compassion and empathy being different and about identifying the signs which are signals that yours is closing. She speaks of self care and daily practices. It would be great to have her on your show.

  23. I’m a hospitalist and my best friends are ER docs who are under insane pressures to move patients quickly. we are being asked to do more and more with less and less and there is the expectation to behave like a saint at all times and to keep patient satisfaction at 100% at all times .Ofcourse no one in their right mind will behave this way. The physical , mental and emotional exhaustion does add up.

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