Viral video of a woman riding a luxury car found stolen food, here's what she said when she was interrogated


TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – A video of a woman driving a luxury car was taken stealing viral food on social networks.

Posted on the Facebook account of Prajoko on Wednesday (05/09/2018), the incident took place at the Pasar Tiban Center, Batam, Riau, Wednesday around 8:20 WIB.

"Seized by robbers at the Pasar Tiban center.
MG's mother at the age of 35 2 children
around 8:20 this morning, "wrote the download.

The woman with the initials MG who was about 35 years old drove a Honda Mobilio Red car.

The MG captured by the stall owner was caught stealing basic foodstuffs, 1 kg of sugar, 1 liter of cooking oil and 2 kg of jipang pumpkin.

In addition, according to the download, the store owner with the initials ND said that there had been frequent flights in his booths.

He then installed CCTV in his stall until the attacker came back and was caught.

At present, the authors have undergone a review at the police station in Sekupang.

In the video that circulated, the authors were interviewed by the security posts of the market.

When a man suspected of being a security guard asked for a car key as proof, the woman does not seem to have given it.

"You come here using a vehicle, so we are securing your vehicle," said the man.

"You want to be repaired or not, if you want to be improved, yes, you are good too," he continued.

The video caught the public's attention and until this news was revealed, the video was distributed 1,000 times.

Check out the video above. ( Widiastuti)