viral video of jhashi rappe


A person was arrested after a video of a 16-year-old girl assaulted by three men in Jhansi appeared on the media.

Confirming the incident, Superintendent of Police (SP) Kuldeep Narain said that they had arrested one of the accused on Monday night. He further stated that he was watching the other two.

The incident occurred on July 12, after which a case was registered at Chirgaon police station in Jhansi under section 363 506 354 of the Child Protection Act. against sexual offenses (POCSO law) 7/8.

"The police became active as soon as the video, where a girl was taken to a bicycle in a remote area, the woman was harassed there, she is a minor.The main accused was arrested", indicated the SP.

In the video, the accused can be seen dragging the girl and assaulting her while she asks for help. In UP's Jhansi District, a case of falsification of a young woman appeared. Here in the city of Chirgaon, six people made a video by falsifying a woman and making her viral. In the video, the young people are surrounded by the girl and do nonsense with her. The young woman screams to leave, but even after that, the youngster tries to drag her into the bushes with a falsification. Two boys are seen dragging the young woman into the woods, while the other boys in the video are listening to "do, do, do". Once the viral video, the attitude of the police is careless. The police told people who were manipulated as helpful. However, after the media appeared, the police filed a complaint against the three people and arrested one.



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