Viral, video of KH Maaruf Amin in a young man, turns out to be the fact


The video of the future presidential candidate KH Ma & rt Amin has been revealed at home for viral meals on social networks. Seen in the video, KH Maaruf Amin entered the restaurant. While walking, KH Maaruf Amin had the opportunity to say hello to the visitors of the restaurant but most visitors were ignorant and did not respond to the greetings of KH Maaruf Amen. at that time, most of the visitors were young people.

It turned out that the video was an old video before KH Maaruf Amin became vice president of Jokowi in the upcoming 2019 presidential election. The video was taken when KH Ma'fuf Amin was eating in the sidelines of the Alim Ulama National Conference in Lombok. The location of the video was seen in a restaurant in Lombok.