Viral video of Mayangsari Duet with Krisdayanti, but did not ignore Bambang Trihatmojo

[ad_1] – The name Bambang Trihatmojo was once the most talked about infotainment figure because of a divorce case with Halimah Agustia Kamil and his marriage to a singer from Purwokerto, Mayangsari.

For a long time, Bambang Trihatmojo and Mayangsari were no longer aware of the war.

It was a viral video when Mayangsari sang a duet with Krisdayanti and Bambang Trihatmojo was the witness.

Yes, the recent appearance of Mayangsari in duet with Krisdayanti during an event circulated on Instagram social media.

Both were seen singing the song Victory which was popularized by Joy Idol.

There was also the figure of Bambang Trihatmodjo wearing a full suit with a tie.

Krisdayanti was seen greeting and inviting Bambang Trihatmojo to discuss.

The Instagram account @neng_jepret posted a video of the moment of conviviality of Krisdayanti and Mayangsari who were really nice.

"This is the tea of ​​Joy Tobing's winning song, when it comes to Indonesian Idol 1, the Delon version is bigger, I guess it's because she uses an orchestra.

There was a lot of legend, please comment hahahahaaaa …, wrote the admin account with a snapshot when the description of the video was posted Sunday afternoon (29/07/2018) .

Where there are Mayangsari, citizens will be commented.

Dozens of Internet users responded to the publication of the Neng Jepret account.

"How come I can follow my role, how are you going to do it first? Tell me how to become rich, brother. I can not forget to comment on the song though … but Salfok and my sister are the same husband …

"Bambang T: Kill me … Kill me now …"

"Apart from their behavior, but they are the legend that sounds good, like their voices, their songs are the best",

"Mr. Bambang looks so bored, while the singer (in white) likes to sing."

"Btw, the wealth of the seated father is 3.9 T looooh Who wants the school to be the actor?"

Watch the video above! ( Nadhiroh).



  1. Aku baru ngeh mrk pelakor yaaa sebenernyaa… sayang gada si jedun kurang jedun??

  2. Hhhmmm…merayakan kebahagiaan berhasil nya merebut suami orang . ?????????????. Dan menyanyikan alunan lagu tanpa merasa dosa di atas penderitaan orang lain . Betapa tersayat nya hati anak" mereka .
    Karna kel yg tdi nya utuh telah di porak porandakan oleh para…
    Wanita yg br ahlaq lonte …! Ledis end gentle men ini lah 2 wanita
    Pelakor menyanyikan burung" tetangga aku suka…?????

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