Viral! Video of the bride to celebrate after the validity of the contract


The most stressful moment at a wedding is of course that of Kabul Kabul. For at this moment, future brides and grooms will be judged valid or not as husband and wife in the eyes of religion.
The tension is not just on the groom's side. But the bride must also be half dead. He is worried about whether the future husband will be able to say ijab smoothly or not.
But after the consent has been completed and declared valid by the witnesses, there must be a sense of relief. Even if you can not control the pleasure, sometimes unexpected acts occur on the part of the bride and groom.
As experienced by this unique bride. From the viral video on social media, we saw at first that the procession of authorizations was solemnly taking place. Once the fiance successfully pronounces the permission without hesitation and is declared legitimate, this fiancee rejoices unexpectedly.