Viral – Video of the motorcycle driver "TNI" in college


Viral video of motorcycle driver "TNI" in college

The video of a young bloody collegeboy beaten by a motorist wearing a "TNI" viral tag on social networks. The TNI stated that the driver was an arrogant civilian wearing TNI stickers.
"The owner of the car is a civilian and not a TNI.Using stickers, the TNI acts arrogantly," said the head of the Indonesian army, General Sabrar Fadhilah, quoting AFP Wednesday (22/08 / 2018).
Sabrar said the TNI would cooperate with the national police to limit the use of stickers by unauthorized persons. He called on the victims to report the beating incident to the police.
"Yes, you have to control the use of stickers for those who do not have the right.The TNI will cooperate with the national police," Sabrar said.
"For journalists, please report it to the police for further action, and if the license plate is known, it is very easy for the national police to know where it is," he said. .
This video event is viral on social media. The incident occurred on the Jagorawi toll road in Cibubur leading to Jakarta. Because at the beginning of this incident, it was said that the driver of the vehicle with a signal "TNI" did not agree because the sedan that was carrying the high school was stopping suddenly. Until then, the driver of the car with a signal "TNI" blocked the vehicle to stop the sedan and hit the high school student in the car.

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  1. Sudah didapat infonya, Mobil Awal punya Mayor Arm Asyik dinas di Pusjas TNI, sudah dijual 2 Tahun lalu kepada Orang Sipil AN. Misvanul Andri kerja di Staf Kemenpora … Yg Viral di Video Misvanul Andri … ??? yg saya Dapat Info dari orang PuspomAD kordinasi pengecekan plat mobil pelaku pemukulan…..

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