39 thoughts on “Viral video provides clues to the 747 crash”

  1. NTSB Probable cause of crash was determined National Airlines inadequate procedures for restraining special cargo loads. Causing For A M-wrap breaking securing straps breaking Through The Pressure Bulk Head. To knock out The Hydraulics And Breaking The Horizontal stablilizers Rendering the plane Unable To Control…..love the show " Air Disaster"….the manual was improper and no fault of the load chief of the crew….it needed to be up dated.

  2. Planes crash….so do cars…..the human race isn’t as bright as we all think maybe….the titanic is an unsinkable ship….sunk…..guns kill people not protect….armour protects….black holes in space provide time travel….never tested….god exists….never found…..and the list goes on….nothing good is shown just bad….no world goal….just circles….aliens exist…never proven and the list goes on

  3. Commercial pilot here. First of all it's extremely evident most comments are made by people who have no experience in aviation. This aircraft crashed due to a stall caused by an aft CG. Unrecoverable at that altitude with that dramatic a shift. RIP to all souls departed

  4. Was in the military on our way to a deployment in Bosnia leaving ft hood, our whole unit, gear and all, flying tower air and barely made it off the runway, it left me not wanting to fly ever again. This problems is not uncommon whenever the military is involved.

  5. Animation shows 747-100 with winglets (ik they shouldn't have any but they can be fitted with them)

    Former FAA official says 747-400.

    The FAA official wins, look properly at the video.

  6. perhaps they should change the way they take off, so that they're not over-stressing the chain-links; which are as weak as the weakest link. they do a full vertical, to avoid portable SAMs, in so doing, they seal their own fate.

  7. The screw doohickey that tilts the whole elevator got damaged by an armored truck that got loose in the truck and caused the plane to tilt upwards and stall. They could not control the tilt anymore. It is not the weight because just the last truck got loose.
    This is not true what they are saying.

  8. airlines always blame in on something other than themselves as their components are made in third world countries. even what Is called the RAT… RAM AIR TURBINE. it's the safety equipment use to keep electronics and hydraulics running in case of an emergency

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