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Viral Video UK: Lemon Phone Charger

Viral Video UK: Lemon Phone Charger

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In this episode of Viral Video UK: Lemon Phone Charger
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  1. 100 percent fake video.it doesn't work at all.

  2. Je to Fake lebo: 1.Nabíjačka je robená na vstupné napätie 230VAC 2.Aby sa z citrónu dal vyrobiť elektrický prúd potrebujeme dve elektródy v jednom citróne 3. Kovy na vývodoch určite nemôžu vytvoriť elektrochemickú reakciu

  3. Lik je upalio telefon dok je stavljao kabal u telefon

  4. We need a youtube myth buster.

  5. The lemons need to be connected, otherwise it's not a closed circuit.

  6. eso no es cierto jente,yo lo ise,y no funcionó más falso eso

  7. Fuckkkkkkkkkk! It sucks with pure lies!

  8. Fake fake fake
    Do not ? try
    This trick……

  9. this works if its an old phone that does nit need soo much power

  10. Chutiya banate ho kya kucha nahi hota ….. charging firching

  11. fake, ur battery is showing low charge,it means d signal is going to discharge.

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