Viral Video UK: The glacier bridge collapses at Perito Moreno

The Perito Moreno Bridge collapses on March 10, 2016 at 10:56

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  1. No se como celebran tanto los Argentinos, si cada vez tienen menos hielo y con eso menos Turismo… que gente mas estupida

  2. Si miran en 2:30 y lo congelan veran que el hielo al caer forma un unicornio….

  3. Ayyyuuu! Bravvvvoooooo Global Warming!!!! Ayyyyyyyyy

  4. Where is Perito Moreno? In Peru? Perito Moreno es el perito de todos.

  5. Pinche Gargamel!!!! De mierda ignorante!!!

  6. Esa pinche risa de gargamel!!! Solo falto que dijera , Odio a los pitufos!!!! Que ignorantes lejos de que es impresionante es muestra del calentamiento global!!!

  7. I was waiting for a big wave to rock the boat over.

  8. Fucking retards! Bravooo! Heeeyy! Yooo??

  9. Now people are laughing at nature.
    Very soon nature will laugh at people.
    Very very soon..

  10. Peoples are looking on The End of the World and think is so beautiful and funny! We are Really Stupid Kind! ?

  11. Genius camera guy misses the best shot

  12. Yaaayy more water in the ocean

  13. FYI this is a cyclical event, the glacier is not retreating. Every few years the glacier blocks off a river, the force of water melts a path through the ice which widens eventually resulting in this collapse – the glacier advances blocking it off again to start the cycle over.

  14. Mr. Stark I didn’t feel so good.

  15. What's fun about it? We are sliding fast due to global warming and you think it's entertaining? Think twice

  16. missed the best part. this video doesn't show the final collapse

  17. This was like watching porn without the money shot.

  18. Really did you said "bravo" don't you see????!!hellooooo

  19. Brilliant. Ye canny beat nature.

  20. Why are they cheering? The ice is melting, all ice is melting, I see nothing but effects of global warming :')

  21. There’s a new theory that the worlds icepack is melting faster because all the hot air being spewed by millennials. It’s call Global Whining

  22. You fools its not some thing you enjoy rather be worried about!

  23. Good ole global warming. SMH

  24. Rare footage of fire nation attacking the water nation

  25. Potevi anche filmarlo tutto intanto che c’eri , cazzone.
    Quando ti ricapita piú?

  26. Yeah let's all laugh at global fucking warming

  27. I find it ridiculous and totally irresponsible for these wankers to laugh and cheer as these icebergs collapse.

  28. Who put the dynamite there??

  29. Oh My god this thing is this much breakage in glaciers may leads to dangerous increase on sea level which can sink a continents ????

  30. We humans are the worst thing that has happened to nature

  31. I'm shocked and feeling sorry for those guys who are screaming bravo bravo… It seems thay aren't aware about the side / harmful effect of global warming. This video is socking and showing the harsh reality of global warming.

  32. Será que somos testemunhas de nossa própria destruição?

  33. Fools are laughing, not realizing how unfortunate this is for this planet.