VIRAL, video violence among Jombang students


JOMBANG.TV – A violent video of violence of 30 minutes via social media. In the video, four boys are sitting by the side of the road at dusk. Ironically, one of them always wears school clothes.

In the video, a woman tries to intervene, but the violence never stops. The police who investigated the video finally arrested the perpetrators. The authors, elevating to 6 people, immediately digelandang to Mapolres Jombang, Monday (11/06).

EII respective actors MRH (15), AKG (15), MFR (17), MMP (16), AM (20), villagers from Kwaron village, Diwek district, Jombang. Then another author AFAJ (17), a resident of the village of Cukir, Diwek District.

The criminal police unit, AKP Gatot Setyobudi, said that the case had been triggered by jealousy. Vic EP, accused of disturbing MRH's girlfriend, initials N-D. At that time, MRH wanted to solve the problem by meeting the PE on the site, to bypass Cukir, Jombang, Thursday (7/6/2018).

Arrived on the site, the victims were waiting for the arrival of suspects who would have been up to eight people. Before the arrival of the suspects, there were two women named ND (MRH girlfriend) and BA. A moment later, the suspects came. Susana starts to heat up. There was an oral battle between MRH and EP.

"The suspects trapped us Article 80 of the UURI No. 35 of 2014 on the protection of children from Jo Article 170 of the Penal Code, while the victims, four people were injured because all the victims suffered bruises and bruises ". , Monday (11/06/18). (Jbg-2 / adm).



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