Viral videos of cars that cause pain in Bandung's obstacles


TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – Car video blocking patients by a convoy of viral police tanks on social networks.

The video is uploaded to an Instagram account @seputar_awabrt, Thursday (13/09/2018).

The video was taken from the car, it seemed that the car had stopped on the side of the road because the convoy of police tanks had passed.

On the side of the road, several policemen regulated the traffic.

"Again, take the patient," said a man in the car, pointing the camera at the patient who looked like he was lying in the back of the car.

In addition, a woman is sitting in the back seat, right next to the patient.

"Confused to receive a legend because it can only caress the chest.

We think well, there may be something more urgent than the patients in the ambulance.

This video was taken Thursday (9/13/2018) this afternoon in the Gedebage neighborhood of Bandung City when an ambulance driver discharged his duties, "said the information in the download.

According to the download, the video was taken on Thursday (13/9/2018) in Gedebage area, Bandung.

The video caught the public's attention and until this news was revealed, it was seen 3,187 times.

@ike_tomboy: @ anggi006 oh yeahaaa … ???? Not the ISJ wag, the problem is that the video is shared with the ISJ wag …

@ anggi006: @ike_tomboy Who has the hospital unit AL-Islam of Shandy Pa Partner Ambulance Driver at WAG IGD Ambulance Info

@nggi006 yup is indeed sandy … but in reality it's not important to be the main source of any wag … What's important is that what happened to passwords will not happen again … Especially with the pressure of the japri wa ke kang the password is not fake … And until 1 hour ago, it is always the same password ….

@shendi_irawan: What about this Tito?

@dewiafriliaah: How is it sir?

@hardiyantohardy: Friends, we are just waiting for clarification on @bidhumaspoldajabar.

@ rinta2703: Is not it just ambulances and fire trucks that preferably have the way? It turns out that there are those who deserve a lot more priority, brother.

Check out the video above. ( Widiastuti)