Viral !! Videos of motorcyclists Drag a cat on the road


Viral !! Videos of motorcyclists Drag a cat on the road
Viral TV Official – Viral Videos A motorcyclist dragging a cat on the road, Netizen netizens criticize!

This new social surfer was surprised by the distribution of videos of torture on cats.

Videos uploaded by the @Makasar_iinfo account, showing how a cat is tortured by the withdrawal.

More tragically, the cat is pulled and dragged on a motorcycle.

Apparently, the cat was tortured for frequently stealing food and damaged the chair because it was clawed.

Description can already, just report to Polsek and collect witnesses. .

However, the actions of a handful of these people have still not received a positive response from the surfer.

Many internet users are heavily criticized for such actions.

Here are some comments from netizen.

@ nurulhm10: Astaghfirullah .. ya allah cat adl my pet, see this post heart felt in the torture .. knp person setega it .. laknatullah !!! Wait for the vengeance of God!

gendis_nyi: Gk gtu jg once the pack. Dy nyuri mknn bpk jg gk bkk bapk kere kan .. ??

tychaoctavian: Tomorrow his father is dragged. G in the world, hereinafter waiting for sir.

qonitaahdaa_: The cat is the favorite animal of the Messenger of Allah, the Messenger of Allah cut the cloak in fear of the cat krn to disturb his sleeping cat again, karma s'. applied.

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22 thoughts on “Viral !! Videos of motorcyclists Drag a cat on the road”

  1. bangke goblok, penyiksaan parah tp lo diem aja. kalo gua udah gua putusin tuh tali dimotor. kalo perlu debat ato berkelahi gua belain tuh kucing. yg hewan ni yg naik motor apa kucingnya!!!

  2. Hewan itu diciptakan tidak seperti layakny manusia, yg bisa berpikir mana yg boleh atau tidak boleh, tetapi hewan pasti mempunyai rasa lapar dan dia pasti melakukan sesuatu agar dia tidak kelaparan!!

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