Viral Videos Purchases per 100,000 Rp, Rejects Sandiaga Uno's Charge


Mohamad Guntur Romli, a politician from the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI), broke the declaration of the future vice president of President Sandiaga Uno on the expenses of mothers on the market.
In a number of media outlets, Sandiaga Uno said that currently, with a nominal value of 100,000, mothers could only buy onions and chilli.
This is an impact of the economic climate where the exchange rate of the rupee against the dollar has weakened in recent days.
On his Twitter account, Guntur Romli has posted a video of a woman carrying 100,000 people.

"This morning, I want to go shopping with $ 100,000, what will we receive, I shop at a store near the house," said the woman in the video.
The result, not as indicated by Sandiaga Uno.
The woman can buy everything from chicken, onion, tofu and other food ingredients.
"To discover the @sandiuno lies that says 100,000 people can only get onions and peppers, my wife and my @ongandah shop in the warung stands near the house (not the market),
100 thousand can be 1 chicken, tofu + tempeh, vegetable soup, red onion, chilli, rice, papaya,
It's material for 3 days! "He wrote in the statement.
"The purchase records of today that prove the words @ sandiuno" 100 thousand can only receive onions and peppers "= lie.
It's shopping in a shop not in a big market, not using nawar and taking the best.
Your password is down! "Write the Twitter account @GunRomli.