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Virgin Orbit's First Rocket Drop Test Was a Success

Chief of the company, Dan Hart said CNBC in an interview that he hoped that the first full launch would take place "before the end of the summer". In the meantime, a first commercial launch could take place about eight to ten weeks later. Virgin already has six rockets underway in her plant and thinks she can produce "more than 20" a year, Hart said.

The relatively fast calendar is not completely far-fetched. Unlike Virgin Galactic, the Orbit team does not carry crewed vessels in space. There is still a lot to consider, but there are clearly fewer variables. In the current state of things, the team has every interest in hurrying. Virgin plans to charge between $ 10 million and $ 15 million per flight, which is a good deal compared to other aircraft-based launchers and many conventional rockets. If successful, it could become an essential option for satellite operators who wish to reduce their costs.

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