Virginia Commonwealth’s hazy death leads to 11 lawsuits


Eleven people were charged months after the death of freshman Adam Oaks at Commonwealth University of Virginia on suspicion of alcoholism during a drunken ritual, according to reports.

Oaks was found unconscious at an off-campus residence in Richmond, Va., On the morning of February 27, after a fraternity party the day before.

Oakes’ cousin Courtney White told FOX 5 DC at the time that the freshmen were part of a hazy night during the Delta Chi fraternity rush event. She said he was given the handful of Jack Daniel’s whiskey and he drank the entire container.

Eight of the 11 suspects have been arrested and Richmond police expect the other three to step down within days, Richmond’s WWBT-TV channel reported.

“When we got the first call that people were being arrested, we shouted that it was like the first ray of hope in seven months,” White told WWBT. “It was bittersweet, I cried… it was great to hear that something was going on.”

After Oaks’ death, the fraternity was arrested.

Virginia Commonwealth University Fellowship Arrested After Freshman Deaths

White said Richmond Times-Dispatch The oak tree was then blindfolded, which struck him against a tree and hit his head. After that, Oaks was helped by the house, where he lay down on the couch and fell asleep. He was found lying on his stomach in the morning and the police were called.

After the incident, the national office of the Delta Chi Brotherhood issued a cease and desist order to the VCU branch, the university said. The VCU said the university had also suspended the chapter on brotherhood.

Top left: Alessandro Medina-Villanueva, Colin Tran, Christian Rohrbach, Benjamin Corado, Jason Mulgrew, Riley McDaniel, Quinn Kuby.
(Richmond Police Station)

The following people were arrested:

  • Benjamin Korad, 19 years old
  • Quinn Kuby, 22
  • Riley McDaniel, 21
  • Alessandromedina-Villanueva, 21
  • Jason Mulgroo, 21
  • Christian Rollbach, 22
  • Colin Trang, 20
  • Enayat Sheikhzad, 22

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With the exception of Sheikhzad, who was arrested and released, they were all held without detention at the Richmond Justice Center.

All eight have been charged with illegal student haze, and several have faced minor charges of alcohol consumption.

“These arrests mean we’re not going to escape the haze in Virginia,” White told WWBT.

Stephen Sorace of Fox News contributed to this report.

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