Visibility increases at McCarran, with several airlines canceling flights


According to an airport official, the weather situation improves at McCarran International Airport.

"The visibility is now about 10 miles," airport spokeswoman Christine Crews said Thursday at around 12:10 pm. "Earlier, it was a little less and was a delay factor."

At noon, the crews reported to Southwest, Allegiant and Spirit had a considerable number of lines while Delta and American did not seem to have long lines of passengers trying to make reservations for delayed or canceled flights.

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McCarran put in place a management program for the arrival of flights all morning and delays were up to 2:19 minutes in the middle of the morning. Delays on arrival at noon were reduced to 47 minutes.

Most flights must be de-iced and some airlines have de-icing equipment and others do not, Crews said.

"Our main concern since the snow started falling last night was the track and the braking conditions and we had no problem," she said.

Some arriving flights being delayed, departing flights can be slowed down.

"Several airlines have just canceled flights rather than catching up," Crews said. "Lots of lines are people bookings and everything is very orderly."

Southwest canceled about 140 flights to McCarran.

"Southwest operational planners are working today in winter and face other weather challenges," Southwest spokesman Dan Landson said in an e-mail. "At 1:00 pm CST, we canceled more than 300 flights, including nearly 140 in Las Vegas due to winter conditions, and more than 4,000 flights are scheduled today."

"Finally, the airline continues to face an above-average number of aircraft out of service and operates according to a recruitment protocol adopted late last week to maximize the availability of equipment maintenance mechanics. and put the aircraft back into service safely. "Landson wrote.

Travelers are advised to check with their airlines for schedule changes or cancellations.

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