Visitors to the Hudson Yards' Vessel must surrender their rights to the content.


"The Vessel" wants to contain all your content.

The attraction of Hudson Yards, which opened last week, requires ticketed visitors to subscribe to fine print conditions that allow them to use forever the photos, videos or audio clips contained therein in promotional material.

This means that the commitment photos taken in the $ 200 million spiral staircase will not lead anywhere in an ad for the sprawling development, according to the general conditions, reported for the first time by Gothamist.

"It's a mistake," said James Grimmelmann, a professor at Cornell, specializing in intellectual property and Internet law, adding that legal jargon went far beyond other attractions.

"It's unusually broad because they claim they control not only what you are taking while you're there, but everything that happens afterwards."

Hudson Yards said in a statement that he only wanted to redistribute people's photos on social networks, adding that it "refined the language".

"The goal of the policy is to allow Hudson Yards to amplify and share again the already shared photos on individual social channels via our website and social channels …" said one spokesman.

But Mickey H. Osterreicher, general counsel for the National Press Photographers Association, said the clause went well beyond that.

"It's one thing to want to share [content] ask and it's another thing to tell people that they are granting this extremely broad license, "he said.

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