Voice of recovery of Via Vallen "Karna Su Sayang", first trend on Youtube


TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – The song "Karna Su Sayang" was recently broadcast on social media.
This Maumere song is sung by Near with Dian Sorowea.

Some musicians and youtubeurs of the country also take the song "Karna Su Sayang". The famous singer of dangdut, Via Vallen, also took the song of Maumere.

Via the Perdana Record Youtube account, Via Vallen looks great to cover the song.

The song was uploaded by Prime Record on Thursday (18/10/2018). The video has the trend # 1 on Youtube Sunday (10/21/2018) with a total of 3.4 million viewers.

Until this news is revealed, Via Vallen's song "Karna Su Sayang" has been seen more than 4 million times.

Reporting to Instagram @ViaVallen, he uploaded his video capture which became the # 1 trend on Youtube.

Via said that he was satisfied with his viral song "Karna Su Sayang" of Near this.
He also wrote that "indirectly, Indonesian society has become familiar with the language by an easy way, namely easy-listening music or songs such as the song" Karna Su Sayang ".

"Do not play
a double action
keep your heart to add love
because if you say
I'm going to move because I'm expensive sayang
Indonesia is very rich in language
I am happy, there are many local musicians whose songs contain elements of the local language, but Indonesians very much appreciate these songs and can still enjoy them for those who sometimes do not know the language.
indirectly we can introduce our local language through a job easily, ie "SONG"
Congratulations Indonesian musician, "said Via on his Instagram account.