Walmart goes digital in battle with Amazon


Walmart Inc.'s investments in e-commerce appear to be delivering optimal results. The next hurdle is to generate a real benefit from these efforts.

The retail giant released better than expected results Tuesday, thanks in part to its various online efforts. Walmart increased its online sales by 43% during the quarter, thanks to improved selection on its various websites and greater adoption of its online grocery offerings.


WMT, + 3.59%

Expects ecommerce sales growth to slow over the next year, but at the moment, improving web-based sales margins is a key goal. Chief Financial Officer Brett Biggs told investors that the company was "working with a keen sense of urgency" to boost online sales of goods and clothing for the home, areas likely to improve margins. The retailer may not see any immediate benefits – Biggs expects the loss of e-commerce activity to increase in the coming year – but the company is currently striving for a more attractive profit profile and sees "a tremendous opportunity" to be a more formidable online player. Walmart plans to invest more as it competes with Inc.

AMZN, + 1.22%

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Shares rose 3.7% in Tuesday's trading, which is enough to beat the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

DJIA, + 0.06%

winners, and put them on track for a sixth consecutive win.

Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.

BTC -0.68%

saw unit volume growth in the United States, offsetting declines in volume elsewhere. Shares are down 0.7% in midday transactions.

Medtronic automata

MTD + 0.59%

Minimally invasive therapies and restorative therapies sector were the highlights of the last quarter. The shares of the medical device company are up 0.6% Tuesday.

Advance Auto Parts Inc.

AAP -1.51%

Credit Suisse's Seth Sigman repurchased $ 291 million worth of shares during the December period. This title is "encouraging". The stock is down 0.7% in trading at noon.

Texas Roadhouse Inc.

TXRH, -0.23%

in the last two quarters, another failure could raise questions about the company's pricing strategy. The restaurant-steak chain increased its prices in November, according to Stifel analyst Chris O'Cull, who said he expects a new wave of increases in the coming months. Texas Roadhouse is registered in the Tuesday afternoon earnings report.

Reports from LendingClub Corp. also appear on the agenda.

LC, + 0.28%

Diamondback Energy Inc.

CROC -1.61%

Devon Energy Corp.

DVN, -0.42%

and host Hotels & Resorts Co.

HST, + 0.00%

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