Warren calls for the abolition of the electoral college


Sen. Elizabeth WarrenElizabeth Ann Warren O. Rourke Suffers Left Pressure on "Medicare for All" O 'Rourke says he will not use the word "f" for the campaign election O 'Rourke does not plan, but does not exclude large fund raisers (D-Mass.) Called Monday for the suppression of the electoral college and the national popular vote for the presidential elections.

Warren, who is seeking to be elected Democrat in the presidency, said at a CNN public meeting in Mississippi that she "is convinced that every vote counts."

"And to achieve this, it is possible to proceed to a national vote, which means the elimination of the electoral college," she added.

Warren added that she wanted to get the message across to Mississippi because, during a general election, "candidates do not go to places like Mississippi" and in other states. no opposites.

"They do not come to places like California and Massachusetts either because we are not battlefield states," she said. "We have to make sure every vote counts."

Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and another Democratic presidential candidate, also called for the abolition of the Electoral College, saying early this year that the United States has become "less and less democratic".

Sen. Bernie SandersBernard (Bernie) SandersO – Rourke faces a left pressure on "Medicare for all" O. Rourke says he will not use the word "f" for the election campaign O 'Rourke does not plan, but does not rule out the big fundraisers MORE (I-Vt.), Who also seeks the candidacy, called in 2016 for a "re-evaluation" of the electoral college.

The tendency to consider moving to a national popular vote comes as several democratic states in recent years have joined the National People's Pact, an agreement that would essentially bypass the Electoral College if enough states join.

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