Warriors beaten most chagrin, chaotic Dwyane Wade Buzzer-Beater

The Heat defeated the Warriors Wednesday night in Miami, between 126 and 125, in an extremely entertaining basketball game. The Heat led up to 24 points, but the Warriors, who often drifted through big chunks of regular season games, came back strong and took the lead at the last minute of regularization.

Before closing, here's a video of Kevin Durant and Bam Adebayo, for your pleasure:

If satisfactory. It was the second quarter, when the Heat exhausted their big lead. But the Warriors have the opportunity to make their deficits disappear in the first period, even if tonight's not by throwing a huge tsunami heat race. They methodically reduced Miami's lead to eight at the end of the third quarter and then worked the score, even after about five minutes in the fourth quarter. The teams exchanged mini-runs from there, but Golden State had its biggest lead of the game, four points, with 1:07 to play. 49 seconds later, the lead came back four points after Jordan Bell lost two free throws in 18 seconds. Warriors being what they are, it is a position of overwhelming strength.

But that's also when the old man Dwyane Wade, who finished with 25 points from the substitutes' bench, hoisted his team on the back for a little clutch magic. After a timeout, Heat led a nice little parallel game to allow Wade to take a sharp look at three points over the break, which he buried:

The Heat had to foul the possession of the Warriors, which is usually a loss, because the Warriors have many of the best free shooters in basketball. Indeed, Kevin Durant, the person the Heat was forced to commit, is a career shooter with 88% free throws. But Durant (fraudulent investigation?) (Investigation?) Smothered the line and missed the first freebie, setting the Heat in place with a final possession where any bucket made would make the game overtime, and three win.

Whatever game Erik Spoelstra wrote, he certainly did not look like this:

Nothing in this game has gone well, if it is that the ball has finally entered the basket. Wade joined Andre Iguodala, one of the best defensive players in the NBA, and got into trouble. Having nowhere to go, he had to take on Dion waiters, both defenders of the Warriors totally denying any hope of a decent look. The return of the servers to Wade left Durant time to turn around and force Wade to use a dummy pump, which then allowed Bell to charge and block Wade's three-point, unbalanced shot. At this point, the game had failed, and dramatically. Note, if you like, that Wade did not even get the ball back after Bell's lockout when the timer indicated 00.8. But between the hour and the final ring, he managed to take control to tie himself and throw the ball in the hoop. Here is another very cool angle:

This is Wade's farewell season and the times will be better, if not. And by "this one", I want to say of course that Kevin Durant was diving and then missed a big free throw that directly contributed to the loss of Warriors. But the winner of the match was also very nice.

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