The Milwaukee Bucks will undoubtedly do everything in their power to get superstar striker Giannis Antetokounmpo to a Supermax extension once he qualifies for the summer of 2020.

With the Bucks currently in first place and a bright future, it's easy to envision a scenario in which Giannis simply commits to the franchise in the long run as soon as possible.

But that does not mean that teams around the league, including the giant Golden State Warriors, are not already planning to play for the Greek Freak game in 2021.

(Photo by Streeter Lecka / Getty Images)

Marcus Thompson, from Athletic, recently described how the Warriors could escape, if the situation arose.

[Stephen] Curry is expected to earn $ 45.8 million in 2021-2022. When he enters free force in July 2021, Giannis is on the verge of signing a maximum contract starting at $ 42.6 million. This brings their total number to more than $ 88 million. The current projection of wage ceilings for 2021-2022 is $ 123.9 million.

These two people would therefore consume more than 70% of the ceiling. If, as expected, he signs a maximum extension with the Warriors next July, [Klay] Thompson would be on board for $ 37.9 million in 2021-22, which would place the Warriors very close to the expected number of caps with three players.

Which means that if the Warriors target another superstar, there would be no room for Green. This is where it becomes difficult, emotionally and financially.

Regarding Marcus Thompson's article, The New York Times Marc Stein adds:

"I can promise you, furthermore, that the Warriors meditated internally on a race at Giannis – as futile as it may seem – in case they could not convince Kevin Durant to sign again this summer." An attractive free agent is available on the front page of Golden State owner Joe Lacob's game book. "