Washington Governor signs Holocaust education bill


Washington Gov. Jay InsleeJay Robert Inslee2020 Dems asks Mueller to testify on the redacted report The Senate of Washington State votes to eliminate certain vaccine exemptions in case of measles outbreak Inslee invites DNC to hold a debate focused on change climatic (D) Friday signed a bill "strongly encouraging" state schools to inform students about the Holocaust.

Legislation does not require schools to teach genocide, but encourages colleges, high schools and high schools to add lessons to their programs.

The Superintendent of Public Schools will work with a non-profit organization in Washington to develop guidelines for teacher education and training.

The bill was passed unanimously by the House of States and the Senate before arriving at the Inslee office.

"It's hard to smile because of the importance of that, but I feel it's something that people should feel good about," said Inslee, presidential candidate, after signing the law.

The lawyers said the bill was needed to deal with an outbreak of hate crimes across the country, as last year's deadly shooting at Tree of Life synagogue near Pittsburgh.

"I am a granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, so it's really significant," said State Representative Tana Senn (D), at the Associated Press. .

"All you have to do is go on Facebook and watch what people are writing behind their keyboards," said Senator Ann Rivers (R), a sponsor of the bill.

The legislatures of Oregon and North Carolina are considering similar bills, although they have not yet been passed.

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